[saymaListserv] List-server "reply-to" options

Peggy Bonnington bonnipeg at sprynet.com
Mon May 22 22:29:50 JEST 2000

The only good reason I can imagine for not sending message returns to the
whole list (but only to the poster) is to save everyone's mailbox from
filling up.  BUT we all have mailboxes filling up anyway with much worse
PLUS we have consciously CHOSEN to receive SAYMA email  / Quaker-related

Of ALL the possible lists participants, Quakers seem to me the least likely
deliberately to set up a half-assed "behind the scenes" communication.
Let's get it all out in the open, even if we sometimes feel moved to elder
the interchange!

And I expect my language in this message may be eldered ~ excuse
the"passion" of the moment.  I am reminded of Kathleen Mavournin's reminder
of her English teacher mother's admonition of "poor use of words" ~ but I
wished to "get it said" as I felt it.  Poor excuse, but ....

Peggy Bonnington

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Subject: [saymaListserv] List-server "reply-to" options

> Dear Friends,
> Some information to clarify --
> A list "moderator," as I understand it, is a person who reads incoming
> messages and decides what gets let out for the subscribers to read;
> sayma at kitenet.net is not a moderated list.
> There are now two "list administrators" for sayma at kitenet.net -- Joey
> Hess
> and myself.  That role, as far as I can tell, involves housekeeping --
> like helping people with subscribing, and bounced messages -- and some
> choices about how the list works.  By including me in this role Joey
> has made the list-server more accessible to SAYMA.  The new
> software, which gives access to information about the list and
> one's subscription, has also made the list-server more open to SAYMA.
> I went to the admin portion of the list-server website, and it appears
> that there might be a good reason for directing replies to the original
> poster of a message:  replies to the poster "are _strongly_ recommended.
> There are many reasons not to introduce headers like reply-to into other
> people's messages -- one is that some posters depend on their own
> reply-to setting to convey their valid email address. See 'Reply-To'
> Munging Considered Harmful for a general discussion of this issue."
> This last is a link that I've not been able to access; in lieu, I've
> sent a message to Joey asking for a non-technical explanation I can pass
> on to SAYMA f/Friends.  Or, maybe a f/Friend on the list knows what this
> issue is about.
> In the meantime, based on my last six months' computer experience, I'm
> interpreting "_strongly_ recommended" as techie-speak for "you may not
> like or understand what happens if you ignore this advice."
> More later -- !
> ^o^
> Mary Calhoun
> Foxfire FM
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