[saymaListserv] List-server "reply-to" options

Kathleen H. Mavournin kmav at icx.net
Tue May 23 10:03:18 JEST 2000

> I went to the admin portion of the list-server website, and it appears
> that there might be a good reason for directing replies to the original
> poster of a message:  replies to the poster "are _strongly_ recommended.
> There are many reasons not to introduce headers like reply-to into other
> people's messages -- one is that some posters depend on their own
> reply-to setting to convey their valid email address. 

This part means that some people don't put their email address in the
body of the message and rely on the REPLY-TO section of the message
headers to let people find it. However, email software that shows the
headers at all will almost always show the FROM section of the headers
as well, and the sender's email address is there.

If it becomes a problem, the SAYMA list is a small and stable enough
that I think we could learn to sign messages with our email addresses as
well as our names and teach new subscribers to do the same. It's more
important in my view to encourage open communication by having replies
go to the entire list by default.

Kathleen Mavournin
kmav at icx.net

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