[saymaListserv] List-server "reply-to" options

Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Wed May 24 15:52:13 JEST 2000

Dear Friends,

A recollection, for the record -- During the last flurry of concern
about the tone of messages posted on the sayma at kitenet.net list-server,
I had the impression some f/Friends felt a writer or two was responding
only to another individual, and that these messages slipped from being
part of a group discussion into replies better made privately.  In my
imagination, this could be a reason for not automatically sending
message returns to the whole list (but only to the poster).

As an employee of SAYMA, and suddenly in the role of a sayma at kitenet.net
list administrator, I perceive that role as being responsive to the
preferences of SAYMA and/or the list-users.  I would like to hear from
more f/Friends what their preferences are in the matter of "reply-to."

I would also welcome any information, or accounts of experiences, that
would help me understand why someone writing list-server software would,
in the first place, include the choice of setting:  "reply-to-list" or

Joey has answered my question about this, but I didn't understand his
explanation and have asked for clarification.

More later -- !


Mary Calhoun
Foxfire FM
moriah at preferred.com

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