[saymaListserv] IMP^o^ 030 Expectations (re-post)

Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Wed May 24 22:53:23 JEST 2000

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 030
"Dear f/Friends--"
Expectations about IMP^o^ Bulletins

(AA's note:  at Spring '00 Rep Meeting it was requested that this
bulletin be periodically re-posted.  This posting reflects updates and

<|>   IMP^o^ bulletins have been in use for a while now, and several
SAYMA f/Friends have sent notices to be posted...

<|>  ...so it's probably time to be clear about what expectations the
has for IMP^o^ bulletins.

<|>  It's also important to distinguish between sayma at kitenet.net (a
list server, sort of a post office) and the IMP^o^ bulletins (which
"ride" on the list server, carried by our "postal worker").

<|>  Anybody can subscribe to, and post a message on, sayma at kitenet.net

<|>  IMP^o^ bulletins come from the SAYMA office, and are posted to
sayma at kitenet.net

<|>  Anyone who subscribes to sayma at kitenet.net can get it's messages,
both the personal kind and the IMP^o^ bulletins.

<|>  For SAYMA f/Friends' future reference, the following clarifies how
IMP^o^ is conceived to be and do.

<|>  IMP^o^ = "Information Made Present"
-- bulletins will be about information, not primarily to raise issues
-- messages about issues will report them as business or activities in
meetings or the YM
-- IMP^o^'s main goal is to make information available to meetings,
SAYMA workers, and SAYMA f/Friends generally

<|>  "is a bulletin service"
-- bulletins will be brief, to the point, concise, user-friendly
-- bulletins are meant to serve the on-going interests of SAYMA
meetings, and the YM
-- bulletins will build faith in their own reliability as a service
-- bulletins will seek to be supportive, in tone, content, and timing,
busy f/Friends, meetings with limited resources, and sometimes-stretched
SAYMA officers, committees, and volunteers

<|>  "of the SAYMA office"
-- IMP^o^ bulletins will be prepared and published by the Administrative
-- the content of bulletins will not be proprietary, and may be freely
-- the IMP^o^ logo will signify its role as a recognized source of
-- bulletins will not necessarily be the only source of information on

<|>  "to provide practical details"
-- bulletins will seek to provide information of near-term consequence
-- bulletins will seek to give details otherwise unavailable or likely
be overlooked
-- bulletins will be a way to provide convenient reminders

<|>  " to our geographically-challenged Yearly Meeting"
-- bulletins seek to make up for the hampering effect of distances in
-- IMP^o^ seeks, through information, to link us better as a community
-- bulletins will seek to provide information that enables SAYMA
to do and decide things together
-- IMP^o^ bulletins will supplement mailed SAF newsletters traveling

<|>  "via our free list server"
-- bulletins will seek to make good use of an available high-speed
electronic resource
-- bulletins will speak appropriately in a media for which the ultimate
audience is unlimited and unknowable
-- IMP^o^ messages will seek to rebuild credibility for
sayma at kitenet.net as a SAYMA resource
-- the IMP^o^ service recognizes that e-mail is available to many, but
-- IMP^o^ messages will be Friendly to the f/Friends who volunteer to
them along
-- bulletins will be constantly informative about how to access
sayma at kitenet.net
-- bulletins will encourage newcomers to sayma at kitenet.net to attempt
access to it

<|>  "semi-official information"
-- bulletins will strive to be accurate, adequate, and timely
-- bulletins will be mindful of consequences, and of the AA's role in
SAYMA community
-- bulletins will be transparent about their sources
-- bulletins will release only information intended, by its source, for
general publication within SAYMA
-- bulletins will recognize Friendly inclusiveness, that no one source
has all the truth
-- bulletins will seek to build confidence that they reflect the
proceedings of SAYMA and its meetings
-- bulletins will seek to clarify and support Quaker process within

<|>  "bulletins that you can print, post, announce, publish, or pass
-- bulletins will use a format that is easy to pass on into other
communication channels
-- bulletins, in tone and form, will encourage f/Friends to utilize them
local business process and communications
-- IMP^o^ messages will encourage infrequent sayma at kitenet.net readers
to carry news to local fFriends and their meetings

~~~~~~~end ^o^ ~~~~~~

IMP ^o^ ... "Information Made Present"

is a bulletin service of the SAYMA office to provide practical details
to our geographically-challenged Yearly Meeting via our free
list-server:  semi-official information, bulletins that you can print,
post, announce, publish, or pass around.  Please address questions,
corrections and additions to moriah at preferred.com,
540-628-5852 (machine), or SAYMA Admin. Asst., c/o 165 Jackson Street,
Abingdon, VA 24210.  Thank you!  ^o^ Mary Calhoun, AA
To receive IMP^o^ bulletins, subscribe to the free list server,
sayma at kitenet.net.  You can e-mail to sayma-request at kitenet.net,
writing only the word       subscribe    in the body of your e-mail
message.  You can also subscribe on the web at

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