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M. C. Mykel mmykel at mindspring.com
Thu May 25 20:57:38 JEST 2000

I intended to send this to everyone but in spite of all of our recent
instructions I apparently sent it to Peggy only.  This is an easy mistake to
make with Outlook Express so don't blame me.  It's all Bill Gate's fault.  I
hope that I did it right this time.  Mike  Mykel

Bravo, Peggy;
    Straight talk!  I like it. I have been hanging out with Friends for
almost thirty years and I still haven't learned to properly 'make a noise
like a Quaker' and I probably never will.  I have learned to cool it some
but still tend to be rather forthright and let my 'yeas be yeas and my nays
be nays'.
    By the same token, some Friends have from time to time tried to 'elder'
me by being nice and gentle and 'Quakerly'.  Being rather thick headed I
can seldom hear them until they hit me over the head with some strong
language that gets my attention. Once they do that I am pretty easy
to get along with.
    I will disagree with you one point.  I don't think that Quakers are
necessarily more or less devious than anyone else.  Friends can and do form
their little sub groups and have those private communications where they
plan strategies and presentations designed to influence the Meeting (and
Yearly Meeting) in subtle ways.  Just for example, I wouldn't be surprised
if some of this isn't going on right now in preparation for YM. This list
serve can help keep things out in the open.
    Well, a lot of people may not agree with me but at least they don't have
to spend a lot of time and energy wondering who I am or what I am thinking.
    See ya, Mike Mykel

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