[saymaListserv] List-server "reply-to" options

Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Fri May 26 15:56:03 JEST 2000

Dear Kathleen,

Thanks for the information!  Please help me be clear about the

(It seems we're into a situation where we need to understand that
everyone's e-mail software doesn't do the same things, hence our
experiences are different, and -- as I've heard it said -- there isn't
even a common terminology for what to click or push on our various

If the list-server software's "reply-to-list" option is turned on--

(a)    I think you're saying that some people might have an e-mail
program that would show only sayma at kitenet.net (on the "from" line) as
source of the message.  And so, if they wished to reply privately, these
folks wouldn't have the sender's e-mail address.  Unless, of course,
the sender put it in the body of the message, or the recipients already
knew the sender's address.

(b)    You seem to be saying that this sort of "unrevealing software" is
a fairly limited problem.  First, because many people have email
programs that can always show "to"/"from"/"copy-to"/etc on incoming
messages, and so show the sender's address.  Second, because some people
get only part of the "to"/"from"/"copy-to"/etc, but usually at least
"from," with the sender's email address.

(c)    We could help the remaining folks get senders' addresses (if need
be) by adopting the habit of "signing" our list-server messages with
both name and email address.

And -- reading between your lines -- we could help each other,
especially newcomers, deal with the reality that e-mail technology
(amazing, that all these different machines and programs talk to each
other at all!) isn't entirely convenient.

Mary Calhoun
Foxfire FM
moriah at preferred.com

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> > I went to the admin portion of the list-server website, and it
> > that there might be a good reason for directing replies to the
> > poster of a message:  replies to the poster "are _strongly_
> > There are many reasons not to introduce headers like reply-to into
> > people's messages -- one is that some posters depend on their own
> > reply-to setting to convey their valid email address.
> This part means that some people don't put their email address in the
> body of the message and rely on the REPLY-TO section of the message
> headers to let people find it. However, email software that shows the
> headers at all will almost always show the FROM section of the headers
> as well, and the sender's email address is there.
> If it becomes a problem, the SAYMA list is a small and stable enough
> that I think we could learn to sign messages with our email addresses
> well as our names and teach new subscribers to do the same. It's more
> important in my view to encourage open communication by having replies
> go to the entire list by default.
> Blessings,
> Kathleen Mavournin
> kmav at icx.net
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