[saymaListserv] IMP^o^ 066 subscriber advisory

Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Sat May 27 11:54:51 JEST 2000

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 066
sayma at kitenet.net Subscriber Advisory
About "Bcc" Blind Copy Line --
-- and Spam Filter

(from the Administrative Assistant, and the sayma at kitenet.net website)

<|>    When sending a message to the SAYMA list-server
(sayma at kitenet.net) please be sure to put that address on either of
the following --
        -- "to" line
        -- "cc" ("copy to") line.

<|>    If you put the sayma at kitenet.net address on the "bcc"
("blind copy") line, the list-server will suspect that your message is
"spam" (junk mail).

<|>    This is because spam typically hides its targeted address,
apparently on the blind copy line.

<|>    If the list-server's spam-filter snags your message, it will be
held while an alert goes to one of the two list-administrators, and
one of us can get to the website and spring your message loose from
the trap.

<|>    This could take a while, during summer vacation season!

<|>    Thanks!

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