[saymaListserv] Memorial Day rememberance

Free Polazzo freepolazzo at mindspring.com
Sat May 27 19:40:00 JEST 2000

Hello Friends,

I find Memorial day a difficult day to "celebrate", as our communities seem 
to only "honor" those who went to war and ignore their innocent victims.

My family was one of those whom war directly effected as civilians during 
world war 2 in Europe.   It gets my hackles up that there are no 
remembrances for my mom and uncles, grandparents, cousins, et al who were 
"displaced" persons (run off by military folks) and are not "remembered" 
each year.

On this weekend full of rituals of remembering the people who died in wars 
that wore uniforms (i.e. soldiers), what I do for my displaced relatives 
(and yours?) and all those who are not "honored" is to be sure and go to 
work and treat this day as important as every other day.

Let us hold in the light all those millions of  civilians who were injured 
or died in warfare, as well as those who stood in the way of their 
countries going to war or using force on their own civilians (internal 


Free Polazzo

Anneewakee Creek Friends Worship Group
Douglasville, Georgia

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