[saymaListserv] Memorial Day rememberance

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Mon May 29 12:52:24 JEST 2000

It seems to me Friends of all people need to understand that civilians are
not the "victims" of those in uniform; rather all those caught up in war are
victims of it. Memorial Day should be  a remembrance of that.

Colin Sugioka,
Celo Friends Meeting

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> Hello Friends,
> I find Memorial day a difficult day to "celebrate", as our communities
> to only "honor" those who went to war and ignore their innocent victims.
> My family was one of those whom war directly effected as civilians during
> world war 2 in Europe.   It gets my hackles up that there are no
> remembrances for my mom and uncles, grandparents, cousins, et al who were
> "displaced" persons (run off by military folks) and are not "remembered"
> each year.
> On this weekend full of rituals of remembering the people who died in wars
> that wore uniforms (i.e. soldiers), what I do for my displaced relatives
> (and yours?) and all those who are not "honored" is to be sure and go to
> work and treat this day as important as every other day.
> Let us hold in the light all those millions of  civilians who were injured
> or died in warfare, as well as those who stood in the way of their
> countries going to war or using force on their own civilians (internal
> warfare).
> Peace,
> Free Polazzo
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