[saymaListserv] Fwd: Re: SAYMA Meeting and reporting AFSC Corp stuff

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Wed May 31 08:38:50 JEST 2000

Hi Courtney,

Good news!

As you will see from the attached e mail from Jonah McDonald, he has not 
resigned from the Corporation.  My guess is that
Penny might have gotten my resignation from the Corporation mixed up with 
his name.   I passed this not to Janet Minshall who is on the nominating 
committee.   We need to follow the process when doing business and she will 
see to it that Sally Prugh is nominated, at Yearly Meeting, for my spot on 
the Corporation.

Could you send your letter inviting folks to the dinner on Friday PM to 
Jonah?   We are blessed to have him in the AFSC community and need to keep 
him active as long as he can hang in there with us.



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>From: "Jonah McDonald" <jonahpmcd at hotmail.com>
>To: friendlysystems at mindspring.com
>Subject: Re: SAYMA Meeting and reporting AFSC Corp stuff
>Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 21:10:42 PDT
>Thanks for the email!  I'm sorry to hear that you're resigning from the 
>Corp.  I'm going to stay on with it for at least another 2 years.  About 
>the report, I was thinking that we could collaborate on it since we were 
>both at the annual meeting.  But if you are resigning, does that just mean 
>I should write it?  Whichever way is fine with me.  I am planning on being 
>at SAYMA, so I'm looking forward to seeing you there.  Talk to you later....
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