[saymaListserv] Memorial Day rememberance

Free Polazzo freepolazzo at mindspring.com
Wed May 31 09:07:00 JEST 2000

Hi Colin,

I appreciate and share your concern about everyone being held in the Light 
on Memorial Day.

I didn't mean to imply that we should forget about the soldiers.   I am 
just asking that we remember the others who died in war .  . . the 
civilians.   Last night,  PBS TV showed on their excellent Point Of View 
show a story about some widows of the Vietnam war.
One of the widows of an American soldier returned to the place where her 
husband had died.   Hers and others  stories about their husbands going of 
too war was intermixed with Vietnamese widows stories about what happened 
in the war.  I cried almost thru the entire show. . . for the widows, for 
their soldier husbands, for the civilians who were caught between them, for 
all of us.

The Friends you refer may not had my family's experience of soldiers being 
in your face (and other parts), but it changes one's view of the world and 
especially makes one see the "ocean of darkness" real close up.   It's not 
a pretty sight.  But is one that must be faced it peace is to have a 
chance.   War has so many people and lobbies on it's side.   I was trying 
to put some more light on those
actions that make peace hard to maintain.

It seemed to me like Memorial day is already a huge celebration 
designed  to remember those in uniform who were "caught up in war".  The 
war machine needs to be able to make those who died "fighting for their 
country" be seen as heros, so that their deaths can be somehow 
justified.    It's also a way to make sure we end up with more "cannon 
fodder" for future wars.   Most of the men the POV show followed off to 
Vietnam seemed to be doing it out of a sense of duty or patriotism.  "Our 
country called",  "My dad did it and so I must, too".     and so on.

I agree with you that "all those caught up in war" are victims to some 
extent.   But when someone in uniform, with weapons,
comes and takes all your earthly possessions, your freedom and your life, I 
can't put them in the same category of "victim" as the people they 
hurt.  Someone getting shot is not in the same position as someone who is 
doing the shooting.

People need to be held responsible for their actions.   Those with the 
uniforms and guns, who are getting paid, (and those who enlisted them) have 
to bear much more responsibility than those who do not go that route.   How 
else do we get to a world without war?  Each of us has to say NO! I won't 
go!   Sounds simple, but that is sometimes the best way to solve a problem.

Sure there is that of God in every person that we honor.   I believe that 
sometimes it's OK to even get upset with God about how things turn 
out.     And when people are being violent I hope that Friends will be the 
first to speak up and say "Stop".

In Peace and Friendship,


At 12:52 PM 05/29/00 -0400, Mitchell-Yancey HFH wrote:
>It seems to me Friends of all people need to understand that civilians are
>not the "victims" of those in uniform; rather all those caught up in war are
>victims of it. Memorial Day should be  a remembrance of that.
>Colin Sugioka,
>Celo Friends Meeting

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