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Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Thu Nov 9 16:36:48 JEST 2000

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 088
Coming to a mailbox near you!
Rep Meeting registration packets for --
-- Dec 2nd, hosted by West Knoxville FM

<|>  Registration packets for the December 2nd Rep Meeting in Knoxville
have been mailed to the f/Friends listed below.

<|>  If you need a packet and aren't on the list, please --
-- contact one of the people below
    (5 people can register on one form), or ...
-- visit the web-site www.sayma.org to download and print the
    packet materials, available there in ASCII Text or PDF format.
    (Acrobat Reader is required and can be obtained through a
    link at the site), or ...
-- contact the SAYMA office at
    540-628-5852, moriah at preferred.com

<|>  The deadline to register is November 22; you may register by
mail or e-mail.  The person to register with is:

<|>  Sharon Annis
            869-A West Outer Drive, Oak Ridge TN 37830
            bsan at usit.net

<|>  Please see IMP^o^ 090 to find out what information to supply
by e-mail in order to register.

<|>  You will need the packet even if you register by e-mail;
it contains directions, map, agenda, and other important information.

<|>  If you should have been among the names below, and aren't, please
let the SAYMA office know.  Packets are sent to f/Friends recorded in
the office as --
        -- clerks/contacts of their meetings/worship groups
        -- SAYMA representatives
        -- clerks of SAYMA committees
        -- members of SAYMA Ministry & Nurture and
               Yearly Meeting Planning Committees
        -- SAYMA Clerks and Treasurer
If you're named below and don't need to be, please let the office know
that too!

<|>  Spring Rep Meeting is tentatively scheduled for Asheville, NC, on
April 7th, 2001.

<|>  The Yearly Meeting gathering will be June 7-10, 2001, at Warren
Wilson College.  Shorter College was unavailable.

<|>  Anyone can participate in Representative Meetings; those attending
represent the Yearly Meeting.  Attending without official duties is a
delightful opportunity for fellowship!

<|>  Mailed to, in meeting order...

Michael Allison     Anneewakee Creek
Janet Minshall     Anneewakee Creek
Free Polazzo     Anneewakee Creek
Peter Buck     Asheville
Kim Carlyle     Asheville
Susan Carlyle     Asheville
Margaret Farmer     Asheville
Harold Hogstrom     Asheville
Valerie Hogstrom     Asheville
Talmadge Neece     Asheville
Jeannette Reid     Asheville
Sean Michael     Athens
Janice Pulliam     Athens
Valerie Barlow     Atlanta
Kathy Burke         Atlanta
Mary Ann Downey     Atlanta
Beth Ensign             Atlanta
'Dolph Goldenburg     Atlanta
Tom McGuigan         Atlanta
Tom Brawner         Auburn
Maureen Flannery     Berea
Carol Lamm         Berea
Tim Lamm         Berea
Connie LaMonte     Birmingham
Mary Litch             Birmingham
John Geary         Boone
Michael Harless     Boone
Steve Meredith     Bowling Green
Bob & Ellie Cox     Brevard
Bob French         Brevard
Jane Goldthwait     Celo
Rebecca Maher     Celo
Bob McGahey     Celo
Rachel Weir         Celo
Charles Schade     Charleston
Jeff Crim         Chattanooga
Becky Ingle     Chattanooga
Larry Ingle     Chattanooga
Bill Reynolds     Chattanooga
Peggy Bonnington     Clarksville
Buddy Spraker     Cleveland
Stan Spraker     Cleveland
Robbin Jones     Columbia
Michael Juras     Columbia
Sallie Prugh     Columbia
Hazel Hall         Cookeville
Diana Lalani     Cookeville
Gladys Draudt     Crossville
Dennis Gregg     Crossville
Mary Calhoun     Foxfire
Edith Patrick         Foxfire
Christopher Berg     Greenville
Laura Townes     Greenville
Dick Cordray     Huntsville
Susan Phelan     Huntsville
Diana Day         Macon
Ron McDonald     Memphis
Wib Smith         Murfreesboro
Pam Beziat         Nashville
Diana McKeever     Nashville
Kit Potter             Nashville
Penelope Wright     Nashville
Tom Baugh         Northwest GA Mtns
Daryl Bergquist         Royal
Sara Rose                 Royal
Douglas & Jane Price     Sevier County
Lyn Hutchinson         Sewanee
Kathryn Parke         Swannanoa Valley
Claire Twose     Swannanoa Valley
Sharon Annis     West Knoxville
Lorrie Beevers     West Knoxville
Lee Hoefer         West Knoxville
Kendall Ivie     West Knoxville
Missy Ivie         West Knoxville
Ernest Lee         West Knoxville
June Lee             West Knoxville
Georgi Schmitt     West Knoxville
Lee Ann Swarm     West Knoxville

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