[saymaListserv] Southern Appalachian Young Friends

Kathleen H. Mavournin kmav at icx.net
Mon Sep 4 20:21:34 JEST 2000

Young Friends who have turned 12 in the past year (before 9/1/00) or who
have recently moved into our Yearly Meeting are welcome into the
Southern Appalachian Young Friends (SAYF) program. Young Friends
graduate from SAYF at the SAYMA Yearly Meeting following graduation from
high school or when they pass their 20th birthday.

The next SAYF Retreat will be held at Penn Center on the Carolina coast
on Tenth Month 13-15. Information about this retreat and downloadable
registration and medical release forms will shortly be available at the
SAYMA web site, www.sayma.org. If you would like to be added to the list
to receive information about future retreats through the mail, send the
Young Friend's name, mailing address and phone number to Tim Lamm at tlamm at kih.net.

Beginning with the Penn Center retreat, it will be necessary to mail in
the registration form and medical release form in advance to the Retreat
Facilitator. While there will be procedures in place to deal with last
minute changes in plans or Young Friends who arrive without
pre-registration, they will result in delays before the teen can join
the retreat, so please do your best to get the forms mailed in.

In addition, it will be necessary for Young Friends riding to retreats
with SAYF FAPs or FADs to have signed medical release forms along with
them in the vehicle. Meetings that routinely send groups of Young
Friends to SAYF retreats are encouraged to create and keep files of
medical release forms for those teens so that they do not have to be
generated repeatedly.

Please make this information available to Young Friends in your meetings
and worship groups.

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