[saymaListserv] A Contest for Bumpersticker glory

Free Polazzo freepolazzo at mindspring.com
Tue Aug 7 11:04:43 JEST 2001

Hello Friends,

The Quaker Outreach Forum List (QOF) sent a message I thought would be of 
interest to Friends in SAYMA.
The FGC advancement committee is looking for messages about Quakerism that 
would fit on a bumpersticker as a way to do outreach.   If you want your 
suggestions to be forwarded to the QOF list for consideration, please send 
them to me by the end of August and I can forward them on to the 
appropriate party.

In any event, this process of discerning a bumpersticker slogan can be very 
helpful to any MM or WG's outreach effort.
Who are we as a MM or WG?   How do we want to be known to the community at 

Have fun with this.

Peace with Justice,

Free Polazzo

Anneewakee Worship Group
Douglasville, Georgia


>Subject: QOF A Contest for Bumpersticker glory
>FGC's Advancement cttee has been having some fun with brainstorming
>slogans for bumperstickers. And we have a bumper crop. But no clear
>Have you got some creative juices to spare.
>Try this in your MMs newsletter, get suggestions, post them here.
>In a month, I will create a poll of the ones that are still here and
>you can register your unity (of course this is not a vote, grin)
>The purpose of the sticker is, yes, Quaker Visibility but also it
>could be revealing of some truth about Spirit-centred Quakerism,
>about society, ecology, theology, etc. One Friend pointed out we are
>good at poking fun at ourselves, self-deprecating I think he called
>it. And we are preparing for a new Quaker website called
>QuakerFinder.org which will help seekers locate a Meeting near them.
>Sticker size: about 4" x 17", probably 20 characters max. and will
>have QuakerFinder.org on it too.
>Here's the brainstorm list so far:
>Recharge Your Light        Find A Quaker      Hot Buttered Soul
>Ask A Quaker    Ribs To Go Quaker Style    Quakers Do It Now
>Quaker Wakeup
>Take Time to Listen      Quakers: Church for the free   Soul Care,
>Social Care, Quakers Care
>A Quaker is Just a Handshake Away   Since God Speaks - We LISTEN
>Quakers - A WAY to Peace     Quaker Lite - Turn it on!
>Join Us...Change the World      Listening Spirituality
>Quakers LISTEN    THEE=THOU      350 Years Young     Find and Seek
>Seek and Find     Quakers Heed the Word      Be Radical...Be a Quaker
>All of these would have the internet address underneath in a bright
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