[saymaListserv] "Liberal Quakers" newly identified?

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The little low key sociology-of-religion report quoted in full below arouses 
some interest in me.  I thought it might also in you.  It was reported on one 
of the "Periscope" pages in the August 13, 2001, issue of Newsweek magazine.  

Quaker Votes
LIBERAL QUAKERS ARE a quiet bunch, and until recently, so was the Beliefnet 
Web page devoted to them. It got so few hits that tracking software didn't 
pick it up. Now it's one of Beliefnet's top 50 links, thanks to 
Belief-O-Matic, a tongue-in-cheek quiz matching personal ideologies with 
established faiths. Editor Steven Waldman says the quiz pegs "a 
disproportionate number” of respondents as liberal Quakers. Suddenly, test 
takers have flooded Quaker groups with curious e-mail. "We used to send out 
two sample copies of our magazine a week says Trish Edwards-Konic, Quaker 
Life editor. "Now we send out 10." Online forums are also buzzing with posts 
ranging from the newly converted to, well, the quizzical."

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