[saymaListserv] error in info for Rep Meeting

Mary Litch litch at uab.edu
Fri Aug 24 11:37:11 JEST 2001

I am the contact person for Birmingham Friends Meeting responsible for
arranging hospitality for next month's Representative Meeting.

To those attendees planning on sending in their registration sheet by
(postal) mail, I just noticed that my (postal) address as listed on the
registration form was incorrect. (This error was 100% my fault -- I did not
proofread the information I sent to Mary Calhoun carefully enough.) The
correct postal address is:

Mary Litch
4110 H Clairmont Avenue 
Birmingham, AL 35222

The other pieces of contact information given for me are correct: 
Phone: 205-835-6501
E-mail: litch at uab.edu 

I'm sorry if my mistake caused any inconvenience. We in Birmingham are
looking forward to hosting Rep Meeting in September.

Mary Litch

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