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Fri Feb 9 18:48:01 JEST 2001

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 093
Population Minute
Proposed Revision
Presented 12-00 at Winter Rep Mtg

(from RM #98 Minutes,
and a 11-29-00 message from Geeta McGahey)

<|>    The proposed revisions respond to a request from YM 2000.

<|>    Celo Monthly Meeting and Cookeville Worship Group worked
together on revisions to the population minute (approved at YM '00) to
address concerns about the responsibilities of industrialized countries.

<|>    The draft revision was presented by Celo FM for circulation,
comment, and seasoning.  Other meetings and worship groups are
encouraged to consider it.

<|>    They are asked to respond by May 1, 2001, so that Celo and
Cookeville can continue work on the draft and have a minute ready to
propose to Yearly Meeting 2001.

<|>    Please send responses to one of the following --
                Sue Snider, Celo FM
                        482 White Oak Rd
                        Burnsville NC 28714
                       828/ 675-9531
                        ssnider at m-y.net
                Hector Black, Cookeville FM
                        170 Hidden Springs Lane
                        Cookeville TN 38501-9178
                        931/ 268-9889

<|>    Proposed revisions are marked by *{ }*

Population Minute
Draft Revisions from Celo Monthly Meeting

    In accordance with Friends testimonies of equality, simplicity, and
harmony, we recognize the sacredness of all life, the interconnection of
all living things, and the balance required to sustain an acceptable
quality of life for all inhabitants of our planet. We are committed to
providing all children with a safe, loving, nourishing, and habitable
world in which to live.
    In October 1999, world human population surpassed 6 billion, having
doubled since 1960. At the present rate of growth, it is likely to
double again within the new century. The effects of this rapid
growth exacerbated by excessive consumerism, threaten all of earth's
creatures, placing insupportable demands on her finite resources,
creating unmanageable problems of waste disposal, and intensifying
environmental degradation.
    While remaining sensitive to the needs and values of all cultures,
we acknowledge our responsibility to become informed about world
population growth and the concerns it raises. Through our leadings and
sharings, we will seek knowledgeable, loving, and creative ways of
working towards effective and realistic solutions.  These include
providing education on and means of contraception for both sexes,
encouragement of adoption as an alternative to having biological
children, and open support of those who choose not to procreate.
    *{Recognizing that the countries of North America and Europe have
caused and continue to cause the most serious environmental
degradation,}* it is essential that those who have more than they need
strive toward a simpler, less wasteful life-style.
    *{We offer this minute in a spirit of concern that while population
control may no longer be an issue in our countries, we understand why
large families are important to others.  They are an insurance that
there will be help on the farm and that the family will have someone to
care for the infirm and elderly within the family.   Two sons are
important to be able to have one move to the city to have a cash income.
We realize that for many countries without the safety network of social
security and government aid programs, the large family is the primary
care giver and protector of the poor.}*
    Special emphasis must be given to measures to reduce poverty,
provide security for people as they age and empower women.   Literacy,
equal social status, and the general education of women to broaden their
life choices are measures that not only improve their lives but help
delay childbirth and limit family size.
    We urge our government to renew contributions to the United Nations
Fund for Population Activities, and we urge meetings to study further
the problem of rapid population growth and to discern how we are to act
on this concern as individuals and as meetings in our own communities,
in our country, and in support of countries throughout the world.
    *{We pledge ourselves to work towards a more equitable sharing of
the world's resources and towards systems that will aid those in need in
the hope that this will reduce the need for large families.}*

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