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I'm forwarding this message for your information.

Blessed Be,

Dear Friends

My name is Tony C. Brown and I serve as co-clerk of Friends Committee on
Restorative Justice (FCRJ). FCRJ is a nonprofit corporation working to
promote the values of restorative justice. We came into existence in the
Spring of 2000 and have been actively working to implement programs that
reflect the values of Friends and restorative justice into all
communities. Much of work has been in Colorado, but as 2001 brings
changes, we are rapidly growing into communities across North America. 

The work of FCRJ throughout 2001 will be guided by monthly queries. The
query for First Month (January, 2001) is: Do I treat conflict as an
opportunity for growth, and address it with special attention? Do I seek
to recognize and respect the Divine in those with whom I have a basic
disagreement? Do I look for ways to reaffirm in action and attitude my
love for the person with whom I am in conflict?

Monthly queries will be posted on our website at www.quaker.org/fcrj We
invite and encourage Friends to visit this site and learn more about the
work of restorative justice. This site offers educational pieces,
dialogue papers, news on current events and more. Please share this
information with other Friends. FCRJ is now offering a free listserv to
anyone interested in entering the dialogue on restorative justice and
keeping up to date on current events. You may join this service by
sending a blank message to restorejust-subscribe at egroups.com -or- follow
the directions on the web site. This list is NOT restricted to Friends
and includes government officials and community members from other

The successes of restorative justice rest with our children. Soon FCRJ
will be adding a Youth section to our web site. Contact us if you are
interested in learning more about how children can become involved in
this work.

FCNL has identified restorative justice as one of their legislative
priorities for the 107th Congress and we look forward to working with
them on this project. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Tony C. Brown
Co-Clerk, Friends Committee on Restorative Justice

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