[saymaListserv] IMP^o^ 106 Reminder! YM registration

Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Fri Jun 1 10:29:52 JEST 2001

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 106
Reminder...!   YM Pre-Registration for meals & room
ends June 4th
Day-Visitor registrations begin Thurs afternoon, June 7th

(from YM Registration packet, and 5-11 message from Registrars)

<|>  Please share this info with your meeting.

<|>  The SAYMA Yearly Meeting Gathering begins next
Thursday, June 7.

<|>  Pre-registration will CLOSE 72 hours before the start of Yearly
Meeting.  Registration forms received after June 4th will be returned.
Pre-registration is required in order to get a room and meals.

<|>  Day visitors are welcome, and can register on-site once Yearly
Meeting begins.

<|>  Registration hours will be --
            -- Thu, June 7 -- 1-5pm, 8-11pm
            -- Fri, June 8 -- 9-11am, 3-5pm, 8-10pm
            -- Sat, June 9 -- 9-11am, 3-5pm, 8-10pm

<|>  A $30 late fee is required for pre-registrations since it's
past May 15.

<|>  In order to receive a room key you must be paid in full.

<|>  Please bring $5 in correct change for a key deposit.

<|>  For further details, please see the YM registration packet.
Information and registration forms are also available on the SAYMA web
site at www.sayma.org

<|>  Our theme this year is "Teach Us to be Whole: Gather Us, Heal Us,
Lead Us."  It emerged from worship sharing and contains words from the
song "Rainbows in the Sun" --

       Give me rainbows in the sun, give me peace when the day is done
       Give me love to fill my soul, teach me to be whole

<|>  Missy Ivie, Registrar
            MBIvie at home.com

      Susan Carlyle, Registrar
            Carlyle at juno.com

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