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Participants in the SAYMA Meeting for Business' discussion of the 
relationship of AFSC/SERO to SAYMA might be interested in the attached.
courtney siceloff

American Friends Service Committee
Spring 2001

AFSC is calling together hundreds of representatives of its communities to
try to discern what God is calling the organization to do in the world.
The final discernment will occur at the Board meeting in September 2001.
The queries below are distributed to every participant in the
AFSC Visioning Retreats.  Each participant is asked to
reflect on the Queries before coming to the Retreat weekend
and are encouraged to reflect on them during the retreat itself.
Those invited to the retreats include members of the Board,
Corporation, Program and Executive Committees, and staff.


Are you open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit?
Are you open to hearing others' opinions even if they are different from 
your  own?

How is discernment different from a planning process?

How can I contribute to the "gathering and grounding" necessary in this 
How can I prayerfully consider the leadings shared in this process of 

How can we continue to explore our leadings, individually and corporately?

Are you open to letting go of things in your life?

How does your sense of calling to this work help to keep you focused?
How does your sense of calling to this work cause you to overwork?

Does your level of work allow you space for reflection and perspective?

How do you see your work as "preparing God's kingdom on earth"?
How do you see your work as making the world a better place to live?

How does your work create change in the world?
How does your work create change in you?

How is your own transformative power and potential reflected in the 
transformation you promote through your work (or in the world)?

How might the Spirit inform our decision-making?

How is your hope for the world reflected in your hope for AFSC as a vital 

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