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I've been to the website mentioned in the message; the game is indeed
colorful and professional-looking.

Mary Calhoun
Foxfire FM

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Dear Friend

I would be most grateful if you could pass the following to the
appropriate person in your Yearly Meeting.

I am writing to inform you of a board game which is now for sale. This
is for ages 5-95 and it was developed by me as an aid to those taking
Children's Meetings. As it developed it became apparent that it could be
adapted to include adults and I also realized that it would be a
valuable tool in outreach work for the Society as a whole.

It comprises a board depicting the north of England where Quakerism was
born, which English Friends know as the 1652 Country. There are cards
which send one around the board to such places as Swarthmoor Hall,
Pendle Hill, Firbank Fell and the dungeons of Lancaster and Scarborugh
Castles. On the way one picks up cards (Balby) which are phrases from
Advices & Queries with a simplified version for children. There are also
numbered cards to pick up which link to the pages of a book and these
cover items of general interest and some early Quakers, such as George
Fox, William Penn, Elizabeth Fry, the testimonies, healing etc.

The game can be used as a game or cards used for discussion, to make
scrapbooks, or even shown to schools with a view to them purchasing it
for general use. Used as an introduction it can pave the way for
Meetings to suggest the school has a visit from a Friend  who can speak
about the game or Quakerism in general, with perhaps a followup visit by
the school to a Meeting House. It is all very colourful and
professionally boxed and has many uses for a long time to come.

The game has been for sale about 4 weeks and already I have sold to USA,
Canada, New Zealand and Australia as well as many in UK, including a
school. The verdict from Friends of long standing is that even they
learnt something from it. It can be seen in colour on www.themos.org/gmg

The price is 25 + p&p of 4.67 surface to USA and this must be in
sterling. Cheques should be made out to Ruth C Martin, 96 Busbridge
Lane, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1QH, England. I apologize in advance if the
final amount is quite expensive but I can assure you that I am not
making very much out of this, considering that it has taken five years
to develop. The consolation is that you will have it for a long time and
hopefully find it a very useful tool.

Ruth C Martin

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