[saymaListserv] Charleston (WV) Meeting response to draft Mideast minute

Free Polazzo freepolazzo at mindspring.com
Sat Jun 23 13:43:54 JEST 2001

At 09:16 PM 6/21/2001 -0400, Vmbra at aol.com wrote:
>On June 3, 2001, Charleston Friends Meeting held a discussion/threshing
>session to consider the minute on Mideast policy that was forwarded from
>SAYMA. The meeting's response is below.
>Charles Schade
>Charleston, WV

Dear Friend Charles Schade,

I am confused and concerned about the report you posted of the Charleston 
(WVA) Friends meeting on the Middle East.

Could you explain whether you came up with a minute, or is this just a 
report of the discussion/threshing session and the opinions of individual 

I am also concerned about the recommendation that:

"More comprehensive solutions that address the problem would include
attaching more strings to US military aid to the region"

Could someone explain if "attaching more strings" to US military aid to the 
region is a euphemism for ending military aid to the  region?   If not, is 
Charlston WVA Meeting supporting sending military aid anywhere in the world?

I have been working on this issue for many years, both with the AFSC-SERO 
Middle East Peace Education Committee here in Atlanta, and before that.  I 
have many relatives in Isreal that need someone to help us stop inflating 
the conflict by pouring weapons and money into the region.

Are Quakers no longer to be counted on to demand an end to war?  No matter 
who is "at fault" or who "started it"?

Please say it "ain't so"!

In the Light,

Free Polazzo
Anneewakee Creek WG
Douglasville, GA

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