[saymaListserv] IMP^o^ 102 YM report reminders !

Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Fri May 11 21:41:39 JEST 2001

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 102
Report Reminders!
Addresses, Directions & Deadlines
State of Meeting -- census -- committee -- WQO reps

(from the Administrative Assistant)

<|>    The reports below are needed now -- or soon.

<|>    Please read with heedfulness, and save!
           Please pass this on to fFriends who need to know.

<|>    e-mail and postal-mail addresses are at the end

<|>    ** State of the Meeting (or Worship Group) **
               -- advance copy is wanted by YM Planning Committee
                   (address below) by May 15th please,
                   in order to plan June 7 program
               -- SAYMA Clerk would like an advance copy too
               -- advance copy to Recording Clerk would be very nice
               -- please bring 50 copies to YM at Warren Wilson

<|>    ** Census response **
               -- please send it to the office as soon as possible
                   (address below)
               -- thanks to those who've already sent them
               -- if you lack the worksheet
                   please see IMP^o^bulletin 099 (an e-mail message)
                   or contact the office

<|>    ** Committees **
               -- as at Rep Meetings, SAYMA would like to
                   hear about your work
               -- please provide 2 copies: Clerk & Recording Clerk
                   (addresses below)
               -- electronic versions in advance are very helpful

<|>    ** Reps to Wider Quaker Organizations **
               -- as many of you already know, SAYMA wants to
                   hear about your activities
               -- please provide 2 copies: Clerk & Recording Clerk
                   (addresses below)
               -- electronic versions in advance are very helpful

<|>    Yearly Meeting Planning Committee
               -- Mary Ann Downey, Clerk
               -- madowney at mindspring.com
               -- 860 Berkshire Rd NE, Atlanta GA 30324-4930
               -- 404/ 892-2358

<|>     Penelope Wright, SAYMA Clerk
               -- pennywright at earthlink.net (Word attachment, please)
               -- 1106 Caldwell Lane, Nashville TN 37204

<|>     Carol Lamm, Recording Clerk
               -- clamm at kih.net (OK attached or in-the-body)
               -- 902 Slate Lick Rd, Berea KY 40403
               -- an electronic version before YM would be great,
                  3.5" PC or Macintosh diskette at YM would be good,
                  electronic version within a week after YM would be ok.
               -- to prepare copied Minutes, electronic versions help;
                   to go on our website, WQO and State of Meeting
                   reports need to be in electronic versions.

<|>    Mary Calhoun, Administrative Assistant
               -- AdminAsst at sayma.org
               -- c/o 165 Jackson St, Abingdon VA 24210
               -- 540-628-5852

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