[saymaListserv] IMP^o^ 117 MM/WGs -- re mail and IMP^o^s

Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Fri Nov 2 15:52:33 JEST 2001

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 117
Requests to Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups
regarding mail to SAYMA office ...
... and recipients of IMP^o^ bulletins

(from the Administrative Assistant)

<|>    Dear f/Friends -- Current events being what they are, your
attention to the items below would be a big support to the
Administrative Assistant.

<|>    I'd like to reduce the amount of SAYMA mail coming to my personal
address --

            165 Jackson St, Abingdon VA 24210

Some meetings have been sending minutes and newsletters to me at home
because it was more convenient.  As an alternative, I'm requesting one
of the following --

            -- minutes/newsletters can be sent by e-mail to
                    AdminAsst at sayma.org
            -- minutes/newsletters can be discontinued;
                    all I really need is names and contact info
                    whenever your MM/WG has a new clerk,
                    treasurer, SAYMA rep, or member of
                    SAYMA Ministry & Nurture committee.
                    This can be sent by e-mail or phone.
                    AdminAsst at sayma.org
                    (in-person Tue & Thu 5 - 7:30 pm)

<|>    I'm similarly trying to reduce the mail that comes home from
SAYMA's PO Box.  After much reflection,  I'm presently not bringing any
mail into the house, or handling mail if I can avoid it.  While I have
faith in medical treatments, I'm unwilling to take the (small) risk of
(huge consequences) -- my aging rented bungalow (SAYMA's office)
becoming a quarantined crime scene with a dubious prognosis for

<|>    If you feel a need to mail an item, please call or e-mail first
so we can see if there's an alternative.

<|>    It would be also be helpful to know which f/Friends have
volunteered to bring to the attention of their MM/WG any IMP^o^
bulletins (like this one) posted on the SAYMA list-server.  Since Sept
11, I've twice needed to distribute a message to all meeting clerks and
worship group contacts.  Such will be easier if I know which MM/WGs need
a phone call or individual e-mail in lieu of the IMP^o^ bulletin.

        MM/WG name -- _______
        IMP^o^ bulletin volunteer -- ______

<|>    Thank you for your help.

<|>    Mary Calhoun, Administrative Assistant

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