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Wed Nov 21 18:18:30 JEST 2001

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 127
Workshop Proposal Form
for Yearly Meeting 2002
Please submit by Feb 15, 2002

(from a 11-11-01 message from Penelope Wright on behalf of Pam Beziat,
YM Workshop Coordinator, and Mary Ann Downey, YM Planning Co-Clerk)

            (Please turn page if you need more room)

<|>    Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting
            June 20 - 23, 2002
            Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa NC

<|>    Theme:  "Turning We Come Round Right"

<|>    Title of proposed workshop: 

<|>    Your name and address,
            including phone number and e-mail if applicable: 

<|>    What led you to offer this workshop?

<|>    Tell us about your experience in leading workshops:

<|>    Give us a brief (approximately 50-word) description of your 
workshop. (This information will be used to describe your workshop in
the advance program to help Friends in selecting a workshop.)

<|>    Please help us in our planning by completing the following 
questions about your workshop:

    -- Workshop sessions will be 2 hours. Please specify whether you 
will be offering one or two 2-hour sessions. (Be aware that you may 
have different people in each session.)

    -- Will it be didactic?  Will it be interactive? 
    -- Participants:  
                   Adults       Youth        Adults & Youth
                   Men          Women        Both

    -- Are there size limits?   Maximum?   Minimum?

    -- Do you have particular requirements for your workshop? 
                Equipment?    Location? 

<|>    We will need a letter of support or endorsement from someone 
who is familiar with your workshop experience.

<|>    Please return by February 15, 2002, to:
                Pam Beziat  
                1827 Morena Street, Nashville TN 37208
                p_beziat at hotmail.com 
                        (Note underscore between p & beziat)
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