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Tue Nov 27 15:12:47 JEST 2001

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From: Lucy Duncan
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Subject: Book List related to September 11th

Dear Friends,

FGC has compiled a list of print resources that relate to September 11th
and peace witness.  We've posted it on our website so that folks can
order via our secure website.  You can reach the list at the web address


Feel free to link to the list if you like or use it as a resource for
yourselves.  I received quite a bit of help and advice from a number of
Friends and I think the books listed are very good.  We also have a hard
printed version if you'd like copies. This list will serve as a basis
for our January bookstore supplemental catalog which ships with an issue
of Connections focused on Friends responses.

Thanks for all of your faithful work since September 11th.

In Peace & Friendship,


Lucy Duncan
Bookstore Manager
Friends General Conference
1216 Arch St., Ste 2B
Philadelphia, PA 19107
215-561-1700 fax 215-561-0759
lucyd at fgcquaker.org

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