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Perry Treadwell perryt at bellsouth.net
Mon Oct 1 14:23:51 JEST 2001

  A very successful and deep meeting was held September 22 at the
Atlanta Friends
Meeting House. Mary Litch and Jim Flege from Birmingham and Alice Wald
from Columbia met with Perry Treadwell and Kathy Johnson from Atlanta.
We decided to go through the Inreach/Outreach Packet prepared by the
Advancement and Outreach Committee of FGC.
 Almost immediately we found it necessary to explore our feelings and
attempts to
reconcile our spiritual grounding with the recent attack on New York
City and Washington, D.C. One of us observed that our peace testimony is
based on our spiritual life The sentence from the introductory letter
for the packet seemed appropriate: “We believe that ‘inreach’ –deepening
the spiritual life of our meetings– is as important as
‘outreach’–letting the world know that we are here.”
 We found that in sharing what brought us to Friends the first time was
either other
F(f)riends or curiosity. We all stayed because we almost immediately
recognized a spiritual home. We found the Outreach Review extensive but
slanted toward meetings that have meeting houses. What about smaller
house meetings?
 We spent some time with welcoming the visitor: greeting, physical
place, conversations
after rise of meeting, attractive bulletin boards. What is the spiritual
content of the worship. We talked of a continuum of attenders some on
one end feeling comfortable with God and Jesus messages and others made
uneasy by positions reminding them of the religious institutions they
had come from.
 The remaining contents of the packet were helpful resources from FGC,
suggestions for
the meeting telephone, a workshop on outreach, a “plain and simple press
release”, ad a list of outreach pamphlets.
 Those attending found it a very productive meeting. Those attending
said that they would
carry back the ideas we shared to their meetings. We suggested that the
next meeting be
approximately one year from now and that Athens meeting would be asked
to host the it.
Perry Treadwell

Those interested more on outreach and the packets please email Jane
Berger <jberger at westnet.com>

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