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Wed Oct 3 19:14:10 JEST 2001

> Janet,
> I have been hearing about Lomberg from biologists and ecologists lately. 
>  Lomberg is NOT a scientist, and the scientists say he doesn't understand 
> science and what's happening to our environment.  I would certainly take 
> anything he says with a BIG grain of salt.  I think that, rather than 
> looking for a not-so-gloomy message about the state of the environment, we 
> should face the truth.  Otherwise, the situation will just get bleaker.
> I think you are mistaken when you say, "So far his work has proven to be 
> accurate both in details and in his conclusions."  You say "economists and 
> other researchers are going over his data,"  but you don't say if the 
> researchers are scientists or economists.  I bet they are not scientific 
> researchers.  Biologists certainly don't think he knows what he's talking 
> about.
> The fact that an otherwise respectable publication like The Economist would 
> publish Lomberg's  article is a testament to its willingness to let all 
> sides be heard, no matter how far off track the author is.  I think this is 
> similar to what would happen if it published an article by people from the 
> Flat Earth Society.  They deserve to be heard but not believed.
> I hate to sound so negative, but I really don't want other people to get 
> the impression that Lomberg's ideas about the environment are mainstream or 
> accepted by scientists who know the field.
> Love,
> Janice

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