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Thais Carr carrtk at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 11 10:13:35 JEST 2001

I heard the phone ring during Meeting for Worship Sunday morning.  Only  a few of us were at the Meeting House as most were at a local state park for the annual fall fellowship weekend & I felt I should answer it in case it was someone at the retreat needing something.

It was a call from a man identifying himself as Terry Johnston from the LA Meeting.  He said he had taken a bus to try to reconnect with his family (I think in PA) & he has HIV.  The family decided to disown him & a friend had gotten him this far.  Someone else was having a bus ticket delivered by courier to the hotel, but he needed money for the next night's hotel stay & for food on the way home.

When I told him I would call his home Meeting to confirm they know him, he kept saying time was of the essence & he couldn't wait, that he needed to be there to receive the ticket.  He said he had tried repeatedly to call the LA Meeting, but no one would call him back.  He said he couldn't believe I didn't care & he couldn't wait for me to call them, even though I felt someone would surely be at their Meeting House in the next hour or so. I told him we'd be there another hour or so in case he changed his mind & decided to call back.

 I felt sad that perhaps I had failed to give him the benefit of the doubt, but we later talked with someone from that Meeting.  Apparently they get about one call a year with a similar story (different name), & he sometimes says he's from the Hollywood Meeting.  Just thought I should warn other Friends in this area of the country, just in case you do get a call.

Thais Carr
co-clerk, Nashville Monthly Meeting
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