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Thu Oct 18 21:26:39 JEST 2001

Mary's email is moriah at preferrred.com phone # 276-628-5852. Penelope Wright
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    Hello Friends ~
    I used to have a lot of our individual SAYMA email addresses on hand, but our computer was wiped out by "the big one" right after the terrorist attacks, and we now have a new computer and no email addresses in store other than frequent / regular contacts.  I was able to retrieve the kitenet list address from incoming mail, but I don't even have Mary Calhoun's email address at this point.
    I was reminded so this evening when a Friend who has been part of our Clarksville Worship Group emailed from her new place of internship in Johnson City; she's wishing to link up with a meeting in the area, and of course I thought of Tri-Cities ~ but then realized I no longer have all the names and email addresses I did, which I could have passed along to her.
    Will Tri-Cities Friends who are on the list please contact me, or can someone pass along a good Friendly contact person who would be near Johnson City?  
    Peggy Bonnington
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