[saymaListserv] Re: A historical analysis of the current crisis

Dan Schlitt schlitt at world.std.com
Mon Oct 22 15:36:47 JEST 2001

I agree with Larry that theuse of "terrorist" in the present context is
not useful. There is nothing more terror inducing than night bombing. This
is something that is attested to by those on the recieving end of such
bombing. That it is true in the present case can be seen from the stream
of refugees fleeing the target areas of this bombing. The terror inducing
effect is clearly recognized by those doing the bombing although they do
not announce it as a purpose of the bombing. 

In the last century the nature and tatics of war have changed. We now have
"total war" where the distinction between combatants and non-combatants is
blurred if not eliminated. 

The term "terrorist" has become a rhetorical device used to call forth an
emotional response and to obscure reality. It has lost any meaning that it
once had. In the interest of plain speaking we need to use more specific
terms. They may require more words to express our meaning but it will help
us keep clear what we are talking about.



Dan Schlitt
schlitt at world.std.com

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