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Perhaps the terms 'criminal behavior' and 'criminal actions' would apply in
both cases.

Tom Baugh
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> I agree with Larry that theuse of "terrorist" in the present context is
> not useful. There is nothing more terror inducing than night bombing. This
> is something that is attested to by those on the recieving end of such
> bombing. That it is true in the present case can be seen from the stream
> of refugees fleeing the target areas of this bombing. The terror inducing
> effect is clearly recognized by those doing the bombing although they do
> not announce it as a purpose of the bombing.
> In the last century the nature and tatics of war have changed. We now have
> "total war" where the distinction between combatants and non-combatants is
> blurred if not eliminated.
> The term "terrorist" has become a rhetorical device used to call forth an
> emotional response and to obscure reality. It has lost any meaning that it
> once had. In the interest of plain speaking we need to use more specific
> terms. They may require more words to express our meaning but it will help
> us keep clear what we are talking about.
> /dan
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