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This is from a British woman, whose poem "Jeremiah's Wife" 
was published in an issue of "Friendly Woman". N.

Dear poetic, artistic and spiritually-minded friends -

I have a long sequence of poems in the current edition of 
the Edinburgh Review. Called Eve Etc., they're poems in the 
voices of women of the Old Testament era: Eve, Lilith, 
Noah's wife, Lot's wife, Sarah, Potiphar's wife,Miriam, 
Joshua's mother, Delilah, Naomi, Bathsheba, the Queen of 
Sheba, Jezebel, Jeremiah's wife, Hosea's wife, and Eve 
again with a premonition of a prophet to come who might 
look them all straight in the eye. The poems are 
beautifully displayed and I feel proud of them - they came 
one by one over a period of months, and I've written no 
poems a tenth as good since.

I'd love to send a free copy to each of you but can't, so 
the best I can do is tell you that The Edinburgh Review 
costs 5.99 a copy, the theme of this issue is Theology and 
Justice and it's a rich issue ranging from John Knox to 
Richard Holloway, Jaques Derrida to Edwin Morgan.

love and peace, Alison.

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