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Subject: Response to Events of Sept. 11

| TO:  Members of FGC's Central Committee
|         Clerks of Yearly Meetings
|         All FGC staff
|     Responding to the tragic events of early today, I helped to
| a meeting of the heads of the
| American Friends Service Committee, Friends General Conference,
| Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, and
| Friends World Committee for Consultation.
|     We agreed to do two things immediately:  1) issue a public
| statement, and 2) call a Public Meeting
| for Worship for Thursday evening, September 13th, 7:30 PM, at the
| and Arch Street
| Meetinghouse in Philadelphia..
|     In taking these initial steps, we shared an understanding that our
| country has been shaken by terrible
| acts of violence, and that many will call for violent retaliation.  We
| believe that Friends are called to
| witness again to the continuing power of God's love in our violent and
| suffering world, and to work for
| peace, justice and reconciliation.
|     Our joint statement, which is being released to the press today,
| follows:
| Statement Regarding the Tragic Events of September 11
| As organizations of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and as
| members of the human family
| and children of God, we are profoundly grieved at the loss of life,
| suffering, and the sorrow that
| result from today's tragic events. The God of love and mercy whom we
| worship and serve surely
| grieves too in the face of these acts of anger and hatred and the
| suffering they cause. We pray
| earnestly for comfort and strength for those who are injured and
| grieving. So too we hope with all our
| hearts that, in responding to today's tragic events, all persons will
| find ways to end the violence that is
| consuming our world.
| We offer our gratitude and prayer to those who are responding to this
| tragedy, rescuing and caring for
| those who are injured, comforting those who are grieving, and working
| for peace and reconciliation.
| The Religious Society of Friends, since its inception in the 1650's
| been led to eschew war and
| violence for any end whatsoever. Time and again we have ministered to
| the victims of war and
| violence. We believe that the challenge before us all is to break the
| cycle of violence and retribution.
| Seeking God's love and light at this time, we will be holding a public
| Meeting for Worship at Arch
| Street Meetinghouse, 4th and Arch Streets, in Philadelphia, PA, on
| Thursday, September 13th, at 7:30
| p.m. All are welcome.
| In God's Love,
| Bruce Birchard, Friends General Conference
| Cilde Grover, Friends World Committee on Consultation
| Thomas Jeavons, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
| Mary Ellen McNish, American Friends Service Committee
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