[saymaListserv] Response to International Terrorist Threat

Bettina Wolff bettina at blueridge.net
Fri Sep 14 12:19:51 JEST 2001

Dear Senator Edwards:  
    In thinking about what might be an appropriate national response to the incomprehensible and thoroughly unsettling destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington I noted the following in my National Geographic Atlas of the World under Afghanistan:
    " Since antiquity invasions and peaceful migrations have brought diverse peoples such as (lists 5 groups).  Although the nine-year Soviet occupation ended in 1989, it took Muslim rebels until April 1992 to topple the communist regime, after which rival groups vied for power.  The war's legacy includes at least a million Afghans killed, 500,000 maimed, and eight million--half the prewar population-- displaced internally or living as refugees in neighboring Pakistan and Iran.  Much of landlocked Afghanistan's livestock and forests and more than half its 34,000 villages were devastated.  Also destroyed were irrigation systems, crucial to the agricultural-based economy.  In fertile valleys, former orchards and wheat fields lie barren, littered, as are the mountain passes of the mineral-rich Hindu Kush, with millions of land-mines."  
    Just what do we think any level of military response could accomplish in such an environment?  I urge you to speak out for a more reasoned method of bringing these criminals, once identified, to a system of justice within the bounds of international law.
                                                                    Your constituent,
                                                                        Bettina H Wolff
                                                                        171 Ridgeview Circle
                                                                        Lake Lure, NC 28746
September 14, 2001
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