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Thu Apr 11 12:37:40 JEST 2002

Dear Friends,
Please help Margaret Banks from the Greensboro (NC) News & Record if you
can. Thanks.

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Subject: Telephone tax resistance movement
Hey Kim. Margaret Banks here. Here's a more detailed explanation about
what I'm looking for for my article in the Greensboro News & Record:
Members of the peace movement have long refused to pay the federal excise
tax tagged onto their phone bills each month. Since 1990, the tax has
held firm at 3 percent, but has been as much as 15 percent in the past.
The tax came about in 1898 to fund the Spanish American War. Most of the
3 percent tax goes into the General Fund, the pool of money that funds,
among other things, the military. Several members of our Quaker community
here in Greensboro decline to pay the tax. I'm checking with Bell South
to see just how common it is.
So I'm looking for people who decline to pay this tax. I also wouldn't
mind talking to people who decline to pay other taxes based on nonviolent
My telephone number is (800) 553-6880. My email is mbanks at news-record.com

Unfortunately, the editors want the story to run on Monday, which gives
me a pretty tight deadline. So I'd need to talk to people either Thursday
or Friday.
Thanks so much for your help. 
Margaret Banks 
Greensboro News & Record 
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