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Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Fri Apr 19 15:47:13 JEST 2002

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 141
Artist Needed for SAYMA Logo
please contact Carol Lamm --
-- by May 15

(from a 4/13 message from Carol Lamm, ad hoc logo committee)

<|>    Please spread the word about the SAYMA logo process.

<|>    SAYMA is looking for an artist to design a SAYMA logo.
            If you might be the artist we seek --
                    -- please contact Carol Lamm
                            clamm at chpl.net, 859/ 986-9256
                    -- by May 15

<|>    We will need samples of your work and references.
            See more details below.

<|>    At yearly meeting in June there will be a chance for SAYMA
Friends to gather to discuss and discern what we would like a
SAYMA logo to communicate.

<|>   If you're coming to yearly meeting, watch for information
about when and where.

<|>    Why is SAYMA working on a logo?
           -- Our current clerk, Sharon Annis, found that she didn't
know which of several versions of letterhead to use! A variety of
images have been used over the years, but none has ever been
formally adopted.
            -- A logo would solve the letterhead problem, and it could
do much more:
                    -- Some Friends involved in wider Quaker organi-
                            zations report that SAYMA does not have a
                            clear identity in the wider Quaker com-
                            munity; a logo would help people who
                            remember things visually to make a better
                            connection to SAYMA.
                    -- Within SAYMA, a logo used on various communi-
                            cations would help Friends identify SAYMA
                            as the common source.
                    -- The process of developing a logo opens up
                            possibilities for sharing our insights into
                            the essence of SAYMA and what we want to
                            communicate to the world about ourselves.

<|>    An ad hoc logo committee consisting of Carol Lamm, Susan
Carlyle, and Mary Calhoun was appointed at December Rep
Meeting. They have developed technical criteria, and criteria for
selecting an artist to develop the logo. They are also coordinating
the discernment process for what the logo should communicate.
Their hope is to have a design ready to recommend to the
September 2002 Rep Meeting.

<|>    On April 6, Rep Meeting approved spending up to $300 on
the logo process.  The committee hopes to find a suitable volun-
teer artist within SAYMA, but if needed some of the money can be
used to pay the artist.

<|>    Technical criteria for the logo are (in abbreviated form):
-- reproducible by low-resolution media
-- black-and-white
-- adaptable to being combined with other images for use by
        various branches of SAYMA
-- combines well with words on letterhead using a font built into
        Microsoft Word and WordPerfect
-- works well reduced and enlarged on computers and ordinary

<|>    Criteria for selecting an artist are:
-- samples of work (logos or other images) done for
        SAYMA or other organizations that the logo committee finds
        attractive and communicative
-- references who give positive accounts of working with the artist,
        including communication skills and ability to meet deadlines
-- ability to attend discussion/discernment session at yearly meeting
-- willingness to produce several images for the committee's feed-
        back and work with the committee on a collaborative basis
-- affordability, preferably a volunteer

<|>    Help us find an artist, and join us at yearly meeting to
consider what the logo should communicate!  If you have ideas to
share or would like more information, please contact Carol Lamm
at clamm at chpl.net, 859/ 986-9256.

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