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taimi olsen tolsen at tusculum.edu
Thu Apr 25 13:57:04 JEST 2002

If you are interested, this talk is being held at Tusculum College in
Greeneville (TN) in the student "Commons" building.  (The college number is

          A talk by             PEACE and SOCIAL JUSTICE ACTIVIST
                               Clare Hanrahan
                            3:00 p.m. Monday, April 29
                                  Niswonger 313
            Clare was released on January 15, 2002 from Alderson Federal
Prison Camp in West Virginia after surviving a six-month sentence for
misdemeanor trespass on the grounds of the US Army base at Ft. Benning,Ga.
            In recent years Clare has acted on a particular concern about
the U.S. Army  School of the Americas, a counter-insurgency training school
for Latin American military officers. She has been conscientiously opposed
to paying for war since 1981 and lives intentionally with less income  as a
means of war tax resistance. She serves on the National Committee  of the
War Resisters League and is a member  of the Women’s International League
for Peace & Freedom.

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