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Nancy M. Whitt nmwhitt at samford.edu
Tue Aug 6 11:28:02 JEST 2002

for a friendly Samford music professor who is in the 
Friendly/anabaptist tradition, I'm trying to find the date 
and source of publication of this poem/hymn by the Quaker 
poet, John Greenleaf Whittier.

Can anyone help?  Thanks.

Nancy Whitt

from Poledom
Toward a New World

Lord, for the things we see
we trust the things to be;
and present gratitude
insures the future's good.
So in the paths undtrod
and the long days of God
our feet shall still be led,
our hearts be comforted.

Others shall sing the song,
others shall right the wrong--
finish what we begin,
and all we fail of, win.
What matter, we or they?
ours or another's day,
so the right word be said
and life the sweeter made?

Hail to the coming singers!
Hail to the brave light-bringers!
forward we reach and share
all that they sing or dare.
The airs of heaven blow o'er us,
a glory shines before us
of what mankind shall be--
pure, generous, brave, and free.

The love of God and neighbor,
an equal band at labor,
the richer life where beauty
walks hand in hand with duty.
We feel the earth move sunward,
we join the great march onward,
and take by faith, while living
our freehold of thanksgiving!

John Greenleaf Whittier
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