[saymaListserv] aa>> Minute: No Iraq War

Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Wed Aug 14 12:35:11 JEST 2002

The SAYMA office has received --

Minute: "No to War in Iraq"
from North Pacific Yearly Meeting
Jane Snyder, Clerk
approved 7-27-02 in annual session

(from an 8-6-02 letter from Jane Snyder, NPYM)

<|>    "Dear Friends,

"On July 27, 2002, at our Annual Session North Pacific Yearly Meeting
approved the following minute:

    "No to war in Iraq
    The Pacific Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of
    Friends (Quakers), opposes the current bombing and
    planned invasion of Iraq by the United States of
    America.  We urge our government to work with the
    international community to seek diplomatic solutions
    to conflicts with Iraq.

"We are sending this minute to our elected representatives in Congress,
to President Bush and to Secretary of State Colin Powell, and also to

"We encourage you to publicize and otherwise make use of this minute
and the accompanying information [epistles] as you are lead.

In peace,

Jane Snyder

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