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Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Fri Aug 16 12:30:17 JEST 2002

Sigh, f/Friends......

It seems that letter-writing to government folks must become as routine
as brushing our teeth.


Mary Calhoun
Foxfire Friends Meeting of the Holston Valley

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From: Mary Calhoun <moriah at preferred.com>
To: <president at whitehouse.gov>
Cc: <vice.president at whitehouse.gov>
Sent: Friday, August 16, 2002 12:26 PM
Subject: UN Population Fund

| Dear President Bush and Vice-President Cheney,
| I am alarmed to read that US funds for the United Nations Population
| Fund have been cut off.  I hear that this is related to China's
| one-child policy.
| America is the land of pragmatism, positive thinking, and innovation;
| could your administration not find an ingenious way to show
| to China, one that did not also require the suffering of women and
| around the world who need help from the UN population money?  What if
| your daughters or wife had been born in Cambodia or Burundi?
| Sincerely,
| Mary Calhoun
| 165 Jackson St
| Abingdon VA 24210

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