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Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Sat Aug 24 23:17:49 JEST 2002

The SAYMA office has received --

Job Openings Announcement
Office Manager
William Penn House
Washington, DC

(from a 8/8/02 message from Errol Hess, Director)

| William Penn House
|           A Quaker Seminar and Hospitality Center on Capitol Hill
|           515 East Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC 20003
|           Tel: (202) 543-5560   Fax: (202) 543-3814
|           e -mail: dirpennhouse at pennsnet.org
|           www.Quaker.org/penn-house
| William Penn House, which provides hospitality to Quakers and those
| in Washington seeking a better world, has the following job openings:
| Office Manager, full or part time. Salary, health insurance, room and
| board.
| Interns, full or part time. Room and board, health insurance and
| stipend for full time intern.
| Work schedules are flexible. Wonderful jobs for students and
| scholars, recent graduates, interns and seniors. We welcome
| applications from the full diversity of humanity. Preference will be
| given to Quakers and those in harmony with the Quaker testimonies.
| Job descriptions are available.
| We are within walking distance of the Smithsonian museums, the
| Capitol, the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court and the House
| and Senate Office Buildings.
| For more information, check our website, call, or e-mail.

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