[saymaListserv] SAF delivery

Kim Carlyle kcarlyle at juno.com
Fri Dec 13 14:20:22 JEST 2002

Dear Friends,

If you are reading this message, there is a good chance that you have
e-mail access.

For those of you who do have e-mail, the editors of the Southern
Appalachian Friend would be delighted to send your very own copy of our
yearly meeting newsletter directly to a computer near you.

The benefits:
1. You'll be the first kid on your block to get the news.
2. By saving on paper and postage costs, our yearly meeting treasury will
have more funds for worthy causes.
3. We'll save a few trees.
4. You'll have a lighter load when you carry your used paper to the
recycling center.
5. The SAF editors will also do less heavy lifting.

How to sign up for home delivery: It's easy. Send a message to
SAFeditor at sayma.org

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