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Thu Feb 28 21:05:10 JEST 2002

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 133
Seeking Coordinator
for Junior Yearly Meeting
Apply by April 1, 2002

(from Nominating Committee)

<|>     SAYMA's Nominating Committee asks Friends to search in their
hearts to see if one of us is called to serve the families of SAYMA by
coming forth to fill this volunteer position.

<|>  Duties
        -- Participate in the work of Yearly Meeting Planning Committee
            (YMPC) and attend its meetings.
        -- Administer budget for Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) including
            accounting to YMPC and SAYMA Treasurer after Yearly Meeting
        -- Coordinate programs and childcare at Yearly Meeting sessions.
        -- Plan program for 0-12 years old at Yearly Meeting sessions in
            collaboration with YMPC and JYM teachers.
        -- Recruit teachers and childcare providers for children at
            Yearly Meeting sessions.
        -- Publicize program for JYM to monthly meetings and worship
            groups in SAYMA.

<|>  Resources
        -- Budget of approximately $2800 for:
                -- Materials
                -- Teacher and childcare-provider support
        -- All of SAYMA from which to recruit JYM attenders and teachers
        -- A wealth of materials from past years
        -- Support and guidance of YMPC

<|> Process
        -- Friends feeling called to apply for this position are asked
            to seek clarity and support from their monthly meeting or
            worship group.
        -- Submit to the Nominating Committee by April 1, 2002:
                -- a letter of application
                -- a summary of related experience
                -- a letter of endorsement/support from home monthly
                    meeting or worship group
        -- Nominating Committee will bring forth names to be considered
            for approval at the April Representative meeting in
            Nashville (April 6, 2002).
        -- Appointed JYM Coordinator will attend the YMPC meeting April
            27, 2002 in Asheville, NC.

<|> Please address all questions and applications to the clerk of
Nominating Committee:

        Penelope Wright
        1106 Caldwell Lane
        Nashville, TN 37204
        pennywright at earthlink.net

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