[saymaListserv] IMP^o^ 132 Peace Consult "e-registration"

Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Thu Jan 10 00:07:44 JEST 2002

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 132
Information needed to register electronically
for SAYMA Peace Consultation...
...but you still need a registration packet!

<|>  You may register by phone or e-mail for the SAYMA Peace
Consultation scheduled for February 1-2 at the Unitarian Church
in Chattanooga TN.  (First session:  7:00 pm Eastern time)

<|>  f/Friends are urged to register for the Peace Consultation by
January 25 (to facilitate Saturday lunch planning), but registration at
the door on Friday evening is permitted.

<|>  The person to register with is:
            Kathleen Mavournin
            344 Seven Oaks Drive, Knoxville TN 37922
            kmav at icx.net

<|>  You will need to see a registration packet even if you register by
e-mail or phone; it contains maps, directions, queries, and other
important information.

<|>  If you need a packet, please --
        -- check IMP^o^ bulletin 131,
            to see if one was mailed to you, or ...
        -- contact a person who's listed in that bulletin, or ...
        -- contact your meeting clerk or SAYMA rep, or ...
        -- contact the SAYMA office at 540-628-5852, AdminAsst at sayma.org

<|>  Meanwhile, IMP^o^ 131 will give you partial information.

<|>  Info needed for Rep Meeting registration:

1.  If you're seeking a "motel roomie" please contact Kathleen Mavournin
    (865-691-9506) right away; she'll do her best.

2.  Your name and address

3.  Meeting or Worship Group name

4.  Your area code + phone number (& e-mail address if you have one).
    If giving both, please indicate the preferred means of

5.  Any special food needs? (Vegetarian, vegan, special diet...)

6.  Cancellation:  after registering, if you are unable to attend,
    please notify Kathleen Mavournin.

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