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Susan Carlyle scarlyle at juno.com
Wed Jul 24 11:02:43 JEST 2002

The July edition of the Southern Appalachian Friend is in the mail to
your meeting. 
It's theme is "What canst thou say, Friend of our testimony on
Look for it's arrival soon. We always appreciated feedback.

It's not too early to be thinking of making a contribution to the next
The theme of the next issue is: Education.

Friends' basic belief in the Inner Light, the presence of "that of God"
in everyone, has guided us to promote a society based on understanding
and good will. Although God's truth transcends mere schooling, education
is fundamental to full participation in that society... We Look upon
education as a lifelong process.... Coupled with our concept of
continuing revelation of Truth is a belief that we have a continuing need
to study and open ourselves to new learning.  --SAYMA Faith and Practice

Next due date is 10/10/2002.
Susan Carlyle,  SAF co editor 
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