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The SAYMA office has received --

Position Announcement -- Interim Head
Hlekweni Friends Rural Service Centre
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

(from a 5-29-02 message from John Schmid, Hon Treasurer,
Hlekweni Friends Rural Service Centre)

Dear Friends,

Interim head for Hlekweni

You may be aware of the efforts we made over the last two years to give
Hlekweni, the Quaker training centre founded in 1967, a new direction.
As always, Hlekweni is training disadvantaged rural folk in technical
skills - but now also life skills, for example small business management
and conflict resolution. When we were faced with closure in the year
2000 I successfully appealed for emergency funds and we used that money
(1) to hold consultations with the rural people whom we are serving, (2)
to put together a six-month pilot phase programme for training our
trainers in the new topics and doing a practice run in selected
villages, and (3) to prepare and submit a three-year plan (Oct 02 to Sep
05) to the donors. We are now waiting for the response from the donor
community on which Hlekweni's future depends. (See more details in "The
Friend" (London) of 22 Sep 00, 20 Jul 01 and 15 Feb 02.)

But at the end of last month the programme co-ordinator, Thembekile
Dube, resigned suddenly and unexpectedly for personal reasons, leaving
Hlekweni without a head. The board feels that we must take time and the
greatest care to recruit a new co-ordinator. This is particularly
difficult at present as our emergency funds are fast running out and we
cannot offer a competitive salary which will attract the right kind of
person until we are sure that donors will support our three-year plan.
But even when we have found someone of the right calibre, that person
will very likely need to give three months' notice to the present

We are therefore, at this critical time, faced with a long period
without a substantive head. We have appointed a caretaker team of three
staff members to look after the day-to-day running of Hlekweni, but we
need someone with vision to lead us forward until a new co-ordinator is
in place.

This e-mail is addressed to Quakers and Quaker organisations world-wide
to find out whether somewhere among Friends there is an individual who
would feel challenged to assist Hlekweni in such a capacity.
Unfortunately, our funds do not permit us to pay air fares. We can offer
accommodation (quite a spacious house at Hlekweni) and an allowance
which will keep the wolf from the door.  We would have to sort out the
paperwork with Zimbabwe Immigration and we are not sure what that
involves. It would be better not to investigate until we have the name
and CV of an applicant. But we can assure you that it is quite safe to
live here. Neither Hlekweni nor I have been in any way affected by the
political turmoil in the country (although the turmoil is quite real and
distressing to many people, especially in townships and rural areas).

Would you - the recipient of this e-mail - please spread the news in
your organisation or your Yearly/Monthly/Preparative Meeting as soon as
possible?  Ideally, our interim head should be familiar with Africa, a
lateral thinker, a good organiser, and have an interest in rural
development work. Any Friend offering to help should contact me in one
of the ways shown at the head of this letter. And yes, Hlekweni is now
on e-mail!

With loving greetings and many thanks for your help.


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