[saymaListserv] Colombian Crisis & AFSC's PAZ! Peace for Colombia Campaign

Michael Austin Shell bright_crow at mindspring.com
Tue Mar 5 10:24:48 JEST 2002

Dear Friends,

I spoke in Meeting this past First Day about the escalation of fighting in 
Colombia and, particularly, about the US intrusion of $1.3 billion in 
"anti-drug" aid, 80% of which has gone to the military.

Colombia's president is now labeling the FARC rebels as "terrorists" and 
glancing meaningfully our way.  I do not condone the violence of the FARC; 
nor do I condone the government's violence or that of the paramilitary 
groups which it supports.  My concern is the people.

2.1 million people have been displaced within the borders of Colombia, and 
40 to 60% of them are Afro-Colombian or indigenous people.  Now that the 
government has broken off peace talks and begun bombing the demilitarized 
zone, estimates are that another 100,000 refugees will flee to surrounding 
countries (which do not have the resources to help them).

Please visit the website for AFSC's Latin American/Caribbean Peacebuilding 
Program <http://www.afsc.org/lac/> and look at the links about Colombia, 


and the document, "Talking Sense on Colombia," A resource on militarism in 
Colombia.  (Printer-friendly PDF document, 228 Kb. You will need Adobe 
Reader to view it.)

In particular, please look at the link for the National Mobilization on 
Colombia <http://www.afsc.org/lac/colmob200202.htm> which will take place 
in D.C. on April 19-22nd.

AFSC's Colombia Peach Mobilization Team has been on the ground there since 
2000.  Presently they are requesting material aid, especially for the schools.

[You might also want to look also at Responding to Basic Human Need in the 
Face of Disaster, a K-5 curriculum about disasters and emergencies 

If you want more information, please contact the program staff:

Angela Berryman
phone: 215-241-7162
fax: 215-241-7177
e-mail: aberryman at afsc.org

Natalia Cardona
phone: 215-241-7162
fax: 215-241-7177
e-mail: ncordona at afsc.org

Thanks for your attention.

Blessed Be,

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