[saymaListserv] Fox pamphlet reprinted for the first time, ever

Larry Ingle lingle at bellsouth.net
Fri Mar 8 17:04:36 JEST 2002

I want to let Friends to know that To the Parliament of the Comon-Wealth of
England.  Fifty nine Particulars laid down for the Regulating things,
originally published in the crucial year 1659, has just been republished for
the first time by the Quaker Universalist Fellowship.  The year represented
the high water mark of the Quaker appeal to the government. The most radical
words that George Fox ever penned for publication were omitted from the
collection of his pamphlets done after his death, and no one since has
brought it out.  Not only scholars but those who want to see Fox's
unvarnished best political writing are thus indebted to the Fellowship.

With an introduction by myself, a "Preface" and explanatory footnotes by
Rhoda Gilman, its editor, it makes the full pamphlet, slightly edited to
"keep the changes to a minimum," available to the present generation for the
first time in nearly 350 years.  It has 21 pages, exclusive of the four page

Single copies may be obtained from the Quaker Universalist Fellowship, 121
Watson Mill Road, Landenberg, PA, 19350, for $3.75 with postage and handling
costing an additional 75 cents, for a total of $4.50; meetings get a 20%

Good reading.

For what it's worth.

Larry Ingle
Chattanooga Meeting (SAYMA)

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