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Kim Carlyle kcarlyle at juno.com
Sun Mar 10 16:24:53 JEST 2002

...I told them...that I lived in the virtue of that life and power that
took away the occasion of all wars...
                   --George Fox

...May we look upon our treasures and the furniture of our houses and the
garments in which we array ourselves and try whether the seeds of war
have any nourishment in these our possessions or not...
                   --John Woolman 

...the very trimmings of the vain would clothe all the naked ones...
                   --William Penn

Please submit articles, poetry, news, announcements, whatever, for the
next issue of our yearly meeting's newsletter. The theme is "What is a
Quaker lifestyle in today's world." (But please don't let yourself be
limited by the theme.)

Also, we would be happy to print Friends' accounts of the recent peace
conference at Chattanooga MM.

Submissions by 04/01/2002 would be appreciated.   
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